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    Shareware version of 96Crypt

    EnCryption DeCryption Program

    96Crypt v2008.build.20 (January 5, 2008)

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        96Crypt is a multi-feature File/Folder EnCryption/DeCryption program
        combining several powerful features in one single application.

      • 96Crypt is a File/Folder EnCryption/DeCryption program using highly trusted
        block ciphers together with several collision-resistant HMAC-HASH algorithms.

      •      96Crypt features several worldwide trusted block ciphers algorithms such as:
             3DES, Blowfish, MARS, RijnDael-AES, SERPENT or Twofish.
             All our block ciphers operate in CTR or CBC mode with a MAC mechanism
             providing the highest level of confidentiality and integrity to your data.

             The user-provided secret password is processed with one of the following HASH functions:
             HAVAL, MD5, RMD, SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 or TIGER.
             The key used for EnCryption/DeCryption is calculated based on a user-provided typed
             password or file-password. After several rounds of HASHing / SALTing the entered or
             selected password, relying on cascading HASH functions, the result key will be used for

             You may store a personal file-password of your choice (larger than 7bytes, but smaller
             than 2.5Mb)
        on a separate USB key, then use this USB key every time you need to
             EnCrypt or DeCrypt any of your private Data. The selected file-password could be of
             any extension/type (jpg, bmp, mp3, exe, dll, txt, bin etc...) or any format (Binary, Hex,


      • File's Steganographic feature supporting 11 different picture/sound format.

      •     As 96Crypt has already an EnCryption engine including several block ciphers, cipher modes
            with HASH-HMAC functions, it was a logical extension to implement a steganographic function
            that starts by EnCrypting the file before hiding it within an "innocent container".

            When switched to its Steganographic mode, 96Crypt continues to make full usage of all
            its available resources: block ciphers (3DES, Blowfish, MARS, RijnDael-AES, SERPENT or Twofish),
            cipher modes with a MAC mechanism (CTR or CBC) and the HASH-HMAC functions (HAVAL, MD5,
            RMD, SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 or TIGER
            The secret message confidentiality and integrity are fully preserved due to the usage of
            highly trusted Cryptographic algorithms and not by simply relying on a Steganographic layout.

            Data, files of just any type or any extension without exception, may be EnCrypted & Hidden,
            using 96Crypt, inside a graphic picture or a digital sound used as an "innocent container".
            Several graphic images format are supported by 96Crypt: ( jpg, bmp, tga, tif, ras ) and
            several digital sound format are supported as well: ( wav, au, snd, iff, svx, aif ).
            This is maybe more than any other available steganographic application could offer.

      • Simple, friendly and fast Graphical User Interface allows easy EnCrypting/DeCrypting of
        Files & Folders from several Sources-Folders-HardDisks-CDROM/DVD at the same time.

      •      Beside those highly technical block ciphers and HASH algorithms, 96Crypt provide a very
             easy-to-use user interface making the EnCryption/DeCryption process a simple task
             requiring no special knowledge or technical know-how.

             A step-by-step guiding lines, help the user to easily navigate through the different steps
             of the EnCryption/DeCryption process. Files and Folders from different directories, hard
             disks, CDROM or DVD may be selected and added to the job list at the same time. They will
             be all immediately processed with a simple push button.

      • File's Mouse-Right-click plug-in providing fast and simple access to ALL 96Crypt's functions.

      •     The Mouse-Right-click plug-in provides fast and simple access to all the 96Crypt's functions
            like EnCryption, DeCryption, Steganography, Shredding, CRC & HASH / MAC file or string checking.
            Simply right click on any file or icon in your Windows Explorer or on your desktop and select
            the desired 96Crypt function found under the "Send To" section.

            Whether as a main application or as a Windows Explorer plug-in, a selection of industry
            standard block ciphers combined together with FIPS approved cipher modes with MAC, and
            a multi-round extremely secure HASH/SALT routine, provide you with the fastest and most
            secure means to EnCrypt/DeCrypt all your private and sensitive Data and protect its
            confidentiality and integrity.

      • Optional enhanced compression scheme reducing size of EnCrypted Files & Folders.

      •     With a multi level compression scheme, EnCrypted files are even smaller.
            A complete Folder with it's subfolders would be easily and quickly EnCrypted in one
            single file.

      • Sending Encrypted files by E-Mail.

      •      You may send the EnCrypted files by Email using the integrated 96Crypt's interface-link to
             your favorite Emailer.

      • During EnCryption, 96Crypt systematically shreds any file before writing on the disk
        its EnCrypted copy. But, the file shredder is also available as a separate function
        that complies with the Standard DoD 5220.22-M to shred any selected file on your
        disk drive while securily eliminating any evidence of the shredded file existence.

      •     When shredding a file, 96Crypt does not leave any junk data on your disk drive after
            repeatedly overwriting the targeted file. 96Crypt file shredder permanently destroys
            and removes all the file's content, cuts the file size to zero, changes the file date
            to a random value different from the date of shredding, then removes all its clusters to
            avoid leaving any defragmented useless clusters on your disk drive. Besides, shredding
            large files (> 5Mb) with 96Crypt is 10 times faster than most other file shredders.
            See for yourself the results of a file shredded with 96Crypt compared to the same file
            shredded with another popular n°1 shredder or a popular n°2 shredder.

            The shredded files with 96Crypt cannot be identified even with the most sophisticated file
            recovery tools. This is because the shredded file's content is null, its size has changed to
            zero, and its date has been modified to a random date and no more clusters are assigned to
            that file. Needless to say, recovering a file shredded with 96Crypt is beyond technical feasibility.

      • CRC16 / CRC32 Checker-Modifier of any file or any hand-typed string.

      •      Several CRC16/32 protocols are supported by 96Crypt, you may use them to check files or
             typed-string checksums. With the registered version of 96Crypt, you may also forge files
             to apply any desired CRC16 / CRC32 value on a given file.
             All CRC16/32 results may be easily printed or saved to an external file.

      • HASH / MAC Checker of any file or any hand-typed string.

      •      In order to provide a high level of file authentication, 96Crypt supports several HASH algorithms
             as well as the HMAC-HASH algorithm. (EMAC, aka DMAC and TTMAC, aka Two-Track-MAC
             may be implemented in a future release)
        These cryptographic algorithms may be used to securely
             authenticate files or typed-strings by rendering a unique key representing the file's fingerprint.
             All HASH or MAC results may be easily printed or saved to an external file.

         You may review the detailed 96Crypt Online Help here.


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  •    Minimum Requirements

        The following minimum configuration is required to run 96Crypt on your PC.

      • One of the following OS:  Windows® 98 (second edition), Windows® ME (final release)
        Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® 2003.
      • Full admin rights within an admin session (for NTkernel OS).
      • At least 500MHz Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent.
      • 64MB of RAM or more.
      • 8MB Hard disk space or more.
      • 1024 x 768 video resolution or larger.
      • 32,000-color video or more.
      • IE 4.0.1 or later.
      • Internet connection.

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  •    Download and try 96Crypt for 30 days

        96Crypt v2008.build.20 (January 5, 2008)    ShareWare for Windows®   W98, WinMe, W2k, WinXP.   Comes with a full Installer / Un-Installer package.
       Start Downloading 96Crypt   right away and discover this amazing encryption tool.


        The current downloadable file of 96Crypt v2008.build.20 is
        96CryptSetup.exe (1 497 931 bytes)
        with [SHA256]    40f46178dcbd911381129510e99b931f7667c9e3ab2a483624ff400815e87c4e
      • 96Crypt is a ShareWare with a 30 day trial period, or 30 start-up per day. You may try it! for free.
      • The time-limited evaluation version provides the full EnCryption key length of the registered version.
      • ALL other functions/features of the evaluation version are fully enabled EXCEPT the CRC16/32 file modifier
        being disabled.
      • 96Crypt DOES NOT display any nagging screen, banner or open any popup reminder during the entire evaluation period.
      • After 30 days of the first installation, versions earlier than 4.928 were totally disabled except for the DeCryption
        function. However, As of version 4.928, the expired version of 96Crypt is no longer totally disabled. You may still
        continue to use MOST of 96Crypt's features, but a nagging screen will appear for 15 seconds with every selection
        you make. Also, when multiple File/Folders are selected & added to the job list, a delay of 5 seconds is added
        before processing each & every item of the job list.
        Purchasing a registration key will completely remove the nagging screen and all the added delays.
      • The same downloadable installation file is used for evaluation and for the registered copy.
      • A simple key file sent to you by E-Mail will turn your evaluation copy, even when it expires
        into a permanently full registered copy without the need of any further download or installation.
      • Full technical support is provided for all registered users.

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  •    How to un-install 96Crypt

        96Crypt v2008.build.20 comes with a full Installer/Un-Installer package.


      • The 96Crypt un-installer will totally un-install/delete all files added to your hard disk by 96Crypt during installation.
      • The 96Crypt un-installer will entirely delete the Mouse-Right-click plug-in added to your system.
      • If you find that 96Crypt is NO LONGER useful and would like to un-install it, complete the following steps:

        • Close 96Crypt if it is currently running.
        • Select the 96Crypt Uninstall from the navigation start menu.
        • Close 96Crypt if it is currently running.
        • Open your Control Panel.
        • Select the "Add or Remove Programs".
        • Select the 96Crypt icon and click on remove.

      • For older versions of 96Crypt (before v.4.919), please complete the un-install then Run this little utility to wipe any remaining code.