SUPER © does for FREE what other encoders CAN'T do for money.
Android, iPhone, Blackberry, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo DS, H.264/AVC, VCD, SVCD, DVD, FLV, 3GP, Xvid, DivX, MOV, MP4..
Whatever is your favorite multimedia format, you'll get what you want
SUPER © - Video Audio Converter Encoder - REQUIRES Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 Video Audio Converter Encoder
Price: $Free

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    FREE version of SUPER ©

    Media Converter Encoder

        SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Recorder.
        A GUI to FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264,
        MusePack, Monkey's audio, Shorten audio, TAK audio, True audio,
        WavPack, the libavcodec library & the theora/vorbis RealProducer's plugIn.

        If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file,
        without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER © is all you need.
        It is a Multimedia Encoder and a Multimedia Player, easy-to-use with 1 simple click.

        SUPER © is a FREEWARE, which means 100% FREE to download and to use without any
        additional requirements to register,to sign or to pay.



          Download this FreeWare for Windows®   Full Installer / Un-Installer package.

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