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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q.001 I would like to convert my favorite video clips so I can watch them on my mobile phone. Can you help me select the appropriate output format?

    A. Playing video on mobile phones requires to convert your audio or video clips into specific format. The encoded content needs to comply with specific audio/video size, bitrate, and codec characteristics. The .3gp format 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) seems to be the most widely used on mobile devices. However the 3gp container could be composed of one of the following video/audio codecs combination: MPEG-4 / AAC
    H.263 / AAC
    H.263 / amr_nb
    H.263 / amr_wb

    * The AAC (Advanced_Audio_Codec) provides superior audio quality, in stereo, compared to AMR-NarrowBand and AMR-WideBand. However, some mobile phone models MAY NOT play the AAC sound within the 3gp video clip. In case NO sound is playing on your phone, then try using the AMR-NarrowBand codec.

    * The Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) speech codec is NOT supported by QuickTime. AMR-WideBand provides better audio quality than the AMR-NarrowBand, but it is still a monophonic speech codec not designed for music. Some mobile phone models MAY NOT play the AMR-WideBand inside the 3gp video clip. In case NO sound is playing on your phone, then try using the AMR-NarrowBand codec.

    In general, the MPEG-4 video codec is associated with the AAC audio codec, so if your mobile phone plays MPEG-4 videos, chances are that it accepts the AAC codec. From the other hand, mobile phones that only play the H.263 video codec are usually compatible with the AMR-NarrowBand but some H.263 compatible mobile phones may also play AMR-WideBand or even AAC.

    Many echos about some new generation mobile phones supporting H.264/AVC video codec. SUPER © is ready to provide H.264/AVC encoded clips whenever these mobile phones are released.

  • Q.002 I am using the 3gp Nokia/NEC/Siemens format with the AMR-NarrowBand. Can you force the AMR-NarrowBand to play in stereo?

    A. Adaptive Multi-Rate NarrowBand (AMR-NB) and Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) are by design monophonic speech codecs. They are designed for speech not for music, same like the GSM used for speech process. They are not and will not play in stereo!

  • Q.003 I am using the 3gp Nokia/NEC/Siemens format with the H.263 video codec, I found that the highest video scale is 176x144. Is it possible to raise the video scale of the H.263 video codec to 352x288 with SUPER ©

    A. H.263 is a video codec designed by the ITU-T as a low-bitrate encoding solution for videoconferencing. The available Video Scale Size allowed by this codec are:
    CIF: Common Intermediate Format with 352 x 288 pixels, Not allowed in 3G2 or 3GP formats
    QCIF: Quarter CIF source Format with 176 x 144 pixels,
    Sub-QCIF: Picture source Format with 128 x 96 pixels,
    The available encoders (FFmpeg, Mencoder..) DO NOT support H263 format with a higher size However, the H.263+ can support higher Video Scale Size.

  • Q.004 I do not find the appropriate FPS setting with the 3gp Nokia/NEC/Siemens format using the H.263 video codec. Most of the clips I need to encode are either 25fps or 29.97fps. I am selecting a random fps value but the output video/audio is a bit out of synch, what do I need to do?

    A. For H.263 video codec in a 3gp format, you may select the FPS that is exactly the half of your source file's FPS. The following table shows the available H.263 codec FPS value in 3gp mode, versus the input file's FPS:

    Select this FPS
    for the following Input file's FPS
    (24000/2002) 11.988
    23.976 fps NTSC-film
    25 fps PAL
    (30000/2002) 14.985
    29.97 fps NTSC
    30 fps

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    Select the appropriate fps and you will get a perfectly synchronized rendered files.

  • Q.005 When I encode my clips into 3gp format for my mobile phone, I notice a de-synchronisation between the video and the audio. How can I rectify it?

    A. Whether you encode into 3gp format or into any other video format, make sure to select the correct Video Frame/Sec that correspond exactly to your input source file. For instance, encoding an NTSC source clip (29.97fps) using the PAL 25fps setting will lead to a de-synchronized rendered file.

  • Q.006 I am encoding an input source AVI file sized 420x236 into MP4[H264/AVC]. An error is occurring. How can I fixe it knowing that I want to keep the same VideoScaleSize for my MP4 output file but I don't want any WaterMark?

    A. Your clip size is 420x236. Neither 420 nor 236 are divisible by 16 (420/16 = 26.25 and 236/16 = 14.75). As you know, both width & height must be divisible by 16. You can encode it with no errors by selecting any pre-defined VideoScaleSize or even the 'NoChange'.
    Checking the Mod 16 box when available, helps fixing any Video Size issue.
    As for the watermark, simply choose 1 of the 3 available options available in the DirectShow Options:
    Disabled, PC UserName or customized.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.007 When I try to encode my MP4[DivX, AAC] clip into 3GP format to play it on my cell phone I got an error when I select "Use Directshow". But I need to use "Directshow" to apply some FadeIn & FadeOut to my original clip.
    When "Use Directshow" is not checked, the encoding is successful.
    Why I Can't use Directshow"? What's the difference between "Use DirectShow" checked and unchecked?

    A. Once you select "Use DirectShow" it is the DirectShow ActiveX filters available and registered on your PC that are in charge of the conversion. If your source file is for example an MP4[DivX, AAC], you MUST have an installed MP4 splitter with the necessary DirectShow filters to read the DivX and the AAC codecs contained in your file.
    In general, whatever is the type of your input source file: MP4, MOV, 3GP, VOB, WMV.. you'll ALWAYS need the necessary DirectShow filters to decompress the codecs contained in the specific format file. This is why, in DirectShow mode, encoding success differs from one PC to another.

    When "Use DirectShow" is NOT checked, you only rely on SUPER © to carry on the decompression of your MP4[DivX, AAC] file before encoding it to the format of your choice. This is why the encoding is successful. SUPER © supports input formats: ASF, MKV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, VIV, RAM, RM(VB), VOB, WMV etc.. WITHOUT depending on DirectShow.

    Note that encoding with "Use DirectShow" checked, leads to a faster and better quality rendered files, therefore the first choice would be to try encoding using DirectShow whenever you can, but unfortunately, the success of the encoding differs from one PC to another based on the actual DirectShow filters installed and registered on your PC. If encoding fails, then try the last choice and uncheck "Use DirectShow".

  • Q.008 When I try to encode an .AVS Script I always get an error. I know my script code is correct, so Why the error is occurring either ways, with or without "Use Directshow" checked?

    A. When you encode an .AVS script, "Use DirectShow" has NO effect. So with or without it, does the same. If you are sure of your script code, the error may then be due to missing DirectShow filters needed to play the codecs contained in the file addressed by your script.

    A very simple way to verify it, is to try playing the .AVS script with WindowsMediaPlayer. If WMP cannot play your script, or can simply play the video without audio or vice versa, then your PC lacks the necessary DirectShow filters needed to decompress these particular codecs.

    If for example your script points to a VOB file Clip=DirectShowSource("Vts_01_1.vob", fps=29 .97) then you need to have an MPEG-II splitter, and MPEG-II decompressor and an AC3 decoder, any missing or non-registered ActiveX filter of those 3 DirectShow filters will cause error.
    AVS scripts that CANNOT be played with WMP, will NOT be accepted by SUPER ©

  • Q.009 I need to crop a clip while encoding it into iPod/iPhone profile, why the "Crop" button is grayed?

    A. Crop is grayed whenever it is illegal to use it. Illegal means NOT COMPATIBLE. An error will occur if the
    option is used with the currently selected mode.
    This button is disabled/grayed in the following cases:
    1. Whenever MEncoder is selected
    2. When the "Disable Video" box is checked
    3. When the "Video Stream Copy" box is checked
    4. With files having NO Video Stream
    5. With Audio Only files: aac, ac3, mp3, mp2 etc..
    6. With any DV or H.263 Video codec selection
    7. With any portable hardware formats: Phone, iPod, PSP, Zune..

    In general, when any option is grayed, it means it is NOT COMPATIBLE if used with the current selected mode, or else, either an error will occur, or the rendered file won't be playable on its specific hardware target (PSP, iPod, CellPhone).
    When the RightClick Menu "Show Useful Hints" option is checked, hover the mouse over the 'enabled' Crop/Pad switch to read more details.

  • Q.010 I encode an AVI file of 19MB into MP4, I get an MP4 file with double the size of the original (40MB), this is Not normal, what can I do?

    A. The output file size depends exclusively on your settings!
    Several factors leads to large output file size.
    1. Try to double click your input AVI file in the job list to open the Media Analysis Box. Look at the Bitrate(S) displayed in the file's internal structure. If you try to encode into MP4, or into any other container, with a Video Bitrate/Audio Bitrate higher than those used in your source file, then your output rendered file size will be larger than your input file.
    Besides, do not think mistakenly that using a much higher Bitrate than the original file's value will improve the output quality. The opposite is however TRUE, a lower Bitrate than the original file's value will weaken the output quality. The ideal would be a slightly higher bitrate just to insure the maintain of same quality.

    2. The Video Scale Size of your ouput settings has a very high impact on the output file size. An output setting with a Video Scale Size of 640:480 would create a file four times larger in size compared to a Video Scale Size of 320:240 with exactly the same Video Bitrate and Audio Bitrate.

    3. Choosing a Lossless Video Codec for the output, leads to a large file size.

    4. The settings for FPS, BFrames and GOP size have an impact on the output file size as well.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.011 I am getting an error everytime I try to encode my Flash SWF file into other format. Why is that?

    A. It is mainly because your SWF file does not contain the FLV video codec, but another compressed video codec instead.

  • Q.012 Why this progress bar is ending then looping again to the beginning, what does it mean?

    A. It does not mean anything! It only displays, in an animated way, an indication that the progress job is still ongoing.
    It has no relation whatsoever with any percentage, ppm, estimated time left or time passed, or anything alike.
    When encoding is over, the rendered file size will be displayed.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.013 SUPER © is staying above all my other applications on my PC. This is very useful when I need to drop a file in the job list, but in some other cases I do not need it. How can I get rid of this bug?

    A. This is not a bug. SUPER © will stay on top of all other applications as long as you ask for it!
    Whenever you do not want it anymore, uncheck the right click option for "Stay On Top Of All".

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.014 Why SUPER © is playing all movies in full screen mode?

    A. Because you didn't open the Player Options and select the playing mode the way you like.
    If the "Full Screen" is checked then the player will obviously play in full screen.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.015 Can you display the command line used by SUPER © when calling FFmpeg or x264? or can you allow adding additional command line arguments for FFmpeg, mencoder, x264 etc..

    A. Of course we can. But we have absolutely no intention to do it. It will be more a source of trouble compared to the insignificant added benefit. Does it really make sense to add command lines to a GUI for command lines!?

    SUPER © does not rely on FFmpeg, MEncoder or x264 alone. It also uses several eRightSoft's dynamic libraries stored under the \spk folder.
    SUPER © combines several encoding engines within the same process. Whether you are encoding into 3gp, MPEG-4, MOV, H.264/AVC or avi, SUPER © will process your source file by using the most adequate encoder that fits to the job and may even use more than one encoding library at one time, in a piped/chained process, to optimize the results.

    The strength and difference of SUPER © is to smartly select for you the appropriate combination of encoding libraries and use them to optimize your file encoding everytime you drop an input file in the job list or you select a different target output container.
    SUPER © optimizes the output files by using its own SPK library files.
    For example, H.264/AVC files encoded with SUPER © are directly playable on your PSP, your iPod|iPhone|iPad or on QuickTime7 without the hassle of writing any additional scripts when creating them or using other tools for muxing or dubbing.

    As for the command line encoders, we downloaded all the executable files that we use with SUPER © such as:
    (FFmpeg, MEncoder/MPlayer, FFmpeg2theora, x264) from the internet "as is" without modifying their GPL sources. They are all licensed and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

    If you get any eventual error when using a DOS command line, we suggest that you address your query related to FFmpeg, MEncoder, FFmpeg2theora, x264 etc.. directly to the respective author group.
    None of these executables was written by eRightSoft.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Q.016 How would I use SUPER © if I need to convert ten .AVI files to MP4 and fifteen .RM to iPod in a batch mode?

    A. First you add to the job list the 10 .AVI files, you select MP4 as ouput container and you specify your selection of Video and Audio codecs. When everything is over, you add the remaining 15 .RM files and you select the iPod profile Output Container.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.017 I created a VCD compliant file using SUPER © I need to burn it with SUPER © is it possible?

    A. NO, SUPER © is not a CD/DVD burning program. You can easily create VCD, SVCD or DVD compliant files using SUPER ©, however, you still need a third party burning program to put your created file(s) on a CD or a DVD.

  • Q.018 Can I convert with SUPER © my VOB file (MPEG-II and AC3 5.1) into avi (or other format) including subtitles?

    A. SUPER © can simply deal with subtitles by adding the subtitle file as shown.
    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    The currently supported subtitles file formats are .ass, .psb, .smi, .srt and .ssa
    SUPER © perfectly support AC3 5.1 channels to play them, read them or encode them, you may also select the Audio track and the language of your choice.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.019 Can I encode directly a VOB file from my DVD into iPod or any other container using SUPER ©?

    A. NO, SUPER © cannot decrypt and extract files (VOB, ifo, buf) from a DVD. You need to use a DVDdecrypt program to extract all .VOB, .bup and .ifo files and copy them to your HardDisk, then SUPER © can encode them into any other format of your choice.
    Simply drag and drop the .ifo file, example Vts_01_0.ifo (no need to drag and drop the VOBs) and let SUPER © encode your entire DVD into one unique output file.

  • Q.020 I am having problems downloading/installing SUPER © why is that?

    A. To smoothly download and install SUPER © may we suggest:
    -ReDownload the setup file ONLY from or
    -Use any web browser supporting JavaScript: Chrome, Firefox, MSIE, Opera..
    -Do not hide the HTTP_REFERRER of your browser. <-- 95% download issues are caused by FireWalls (ZoneAlarm, OutPost..) hiding HTTP_REFERRER
    -Enable Cookies.
    -Do not use any download manager.

  • Q.021 Encoding some files gives errors or bad/wrong results. What to do?

    A. When error occurs, or when the results aren't suitable for you, click the RED ERROR button (if error) to find out which possible suggestion would eventually solve your problem. After trying all possibilities without success, you may proceed as follows:

    Anyways, in case of errors, bad or wrong results, here's what you need to do:
    As we absolutely have no idea about your PC, your settings and your input file's structure, Give us more details about your input file and your settings by following these simple steps:

    -Rightclick anywhere inside the GUI or click the "M" Menu-switch (upper right corner), then:
    -Select the Export (Save) A SUPER © "Settings Profile",
    -Name the .spf file and Save it on your drive,
    -Double click your input source file in the job-list to open the Media Analysis Box. Copy the entire displayed results..
    -Paste the results of the Media Analysis Box within your email message and Attach the saved .spf file.
    -Email to : support [at] erightsoft [dot] com   or you may try   [dot] net

    Kindly note that SUPER © WILL NOT encode, play or even process any:
    password protected file(s), or cipher crypted file(s), or DRM protected file(s).

  • Q.022 What is the minimum required configuration to install & run SUPER © on my PC?

    A. SUPER © currently requires the following minimum configuration to run correctly.
    Please read it carefully before you download and start to complain about some encoding errors.
    These requirements are also stated just above the download link on our web download page.

     Operating System:  Windows® Vista,   Windows® 7,   Windows® 8|8.1,   Windows® 10
    SERVERS:              Windows® 2003,   Windows® 2008,   Windows® 2012,   Windows® 2016

    -SUPER © is NOT suitable to run in a Windows® emulator environment like VirtualBox, WINE or any alike.
    -Full admin credentials within an admin session (for NTkernel OS). (Vista users, RightClick and 'Run as... Administrator')
    -Processor: Minimum Intel® Pentium® Core Microarchitecture or equivalent.
    -RAM: At least 1GB of available RAM.
    -DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
    -Free Disk Space: 200GB or more located on the Hard disk where the OS is installed.
    -Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or larger, otherwise the GUI will Auto-Switch to a smaller display mode..
    -Screen Color mode: 64,000-color video or more.
    -Browser: MSIE 8 or later.
    -Internet connection: High speed connection required during the install process to download additional components and during the normal usage of SUPER © to play and save Internet Media Streams and get update notifications.

  • Q.023 I need to find out the used codecs and other details of a Multimedia file, how can I do it ?

    A. Drag & Drop any Multimedia file inside SUPER ©
    Once loaded in the Job-List, double click on the file..
    A Media Analysis Box opens and displays all related details

  • Q.024 Can I convert some of my VOB files to a BluRay format?

    A. SUPER © supports all HD .TS (transport stream) and .M2TS (BluRay) format.
    You may encode any input file format to render into TS or M2TS HD format.
    or you can encode any TS or M2TS input file into any other format of your choice.
    A "Sony - PS3 (BluRay)" profile can be selected to render M2TS files for your PS3.

  • Q.025 How can I reduce the Process Priority when encoding or playing a file?

    A. Right-click to open the menu, or click on the "M" letter on the upper right corner, then:
    Select the Priority Process Of Internal Encoders.
    Select Idle.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.026 Why I can't see all the buttons of the interface, the interface is larger than my screen. what can i do?

    A. It is well mentionned on the download web page in the "required minimum configuration" section that the interface of SUPER © requires 1024 x 768 video resolution or larger.
    The install SETUP file was initially set to disable the installtion for smaller resolutions.
    We received tons of emails asking to enable the installtion even with low resolutions.
    Therefore, we enabled the installtion of SUPER © on low resolutions screens to let the user decide by himself whether to increase his screen resolution or live with it as it is!

  • Q.027 I am trying to play then save a Media stream, but it doesn't seem to work at all. How can you help?

    A. The Internet Media Streams that are supported by SUPER © are those using one of the following:
    protocols: mms://  rtsp://  http://  Other protocols are not supported.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    Note that streams using the http protocol must point directly to a file name (see example), without using javascript methods or other ways to hide or encrypt the link.
    1. they all start with mms:// (to stream asf, wmv files) or rtsp:// (for realmedia files) or even http:// (used for asf, wmv)
    2. they all point to either wmv, asf or rm
    The internet file over the internet that you want to stream MUST be a MediaFile not a playlist file or an encapsulated hidden pointer to another link.

    Some examples of valid streams are already loaded in the dropdown menu so you may test the functionality of the streaming option on your PC. Once you check that the links are playing properly, you can check the save box to try saving them on your Disk. Checking this box will immediately change the labelling of the encode button.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    Saved streams are named after the hosting server. A stream called "mms://" will be saved as "" and will be located in the selected saving folder like all other saved files.

    One last thing, streaming protocols like mms://  rtsp://  http:// requires internet access on some specific ports.

  • Q.028 Does SUPER © require an internet access to work normally?

    A. SUPER © requires an internet access to continuously check for auto-update.
    Also, it performs a periodic check to verify that some ports are correctly open to play and save mms:// rtsp:// http:// internet media streams.

    For the above tasks, SUPER © would connect to either:  or to 

    At any time, you may deny total internet access to SUPER © through your firewall.
    SUPER © will then continue to be FULLY OPERATIONAL to play and encode/render in all formats but without having the periodic auto-update and without being able to play or save internet media streams.

  • Q.029 Are you working on a Linux version of SUPER © ?

    A. SUPER © is a GUI for major Command line encoders that are initially written for Linux.
    SUPER © was released because there was no reliable GUI running on Windows® for those encoders.
    We do not intend to write a version of SUPER © for Linux as there are already many powerful Linux GUI for those encoders.

    Therefore, we are currently focusing our work only on Windows® versions of SUPER ©

  • Q.030 How can I un-install SUPER © ?

    A. SUPER © comes with an un-installer that will add an un-install link to your "Programs Menu". Simply click this un-install link.

    Note that the SETUP file un-installs automatically any previously installed version of SUPER © found on your PC before proceeding with the installation of the new files.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.031 Why do I always get this failed to set data for "" error every time I start SUPER © ?

    A. SUPER © has to be installed ONLY under a full admin credentials session. Please read the minimum requirements (Q.022)
    This error means that you are running SUPER © under a normal user account. Re-install it (and use it) under an Admin account to fix this issue.

  • Q.032 How can I use SUPER © to create a VOB file that I can burn on a DVD (playable on my standalone player) ?

    A. a DVD contains the following type of files:
    IFO files: these are the InFOrmation DVD files for subtitles, menu and chapters.
    BUP files: they provide BackUP for the above IFO files.
    VOB files: these are the multimedia video/audio files and they are created by SUPER ©

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    After selecting the DVD Std. Compliant (vob) output container, setting the parameters, adding the input file to encode and clicking on the Encode (Active files) button, a prompt will propose 2 options:
    Either to create *.ifo and *.bup files, or not.
    Selecting the auto-creation of *.ifo and *.bup files could facilitate burning your DVD, unless your burning software supports burning VOB files without *.ifo & *.bup.
    If you skip those *.ifo and *.bup files, another prompt will ask about the VOB file renaming method.
    In case you still need to burn the rendered file on a DVD, please select the VTS_nn_n.VOB format.
    The rendered output file will then have a name that looks like VTS_01_0.VOB.

    If you need to add chapters and menus, make sure to use a separate DVD authoring software for this purpose.
    If not, you may simply use the created VOB file to directly burn your DVD using NERO or any similar software.

    There is one constraint however, if your rendered VOB file is larger than 1024Byte * 16^5 which is 1.074GB (1 073 565 000 bytes) then you have no other choice than splitting the VOB by either using an authoring soft or a simple VOB splitter.

    if you use NERO for directly burning the VOB rendered by SUPER © you may simply ignore the warning that says missing BUP & IFO NERO will continue burning to provide a fully working DVD that can be played on any stand alone DVD home player.

  • Q.033 After or during the installion of SUPER © my Anti-vir, Anti-adware, Anti-spyware, Anti-malware warned me of some sort of malware threat. Why is that?

    A. Our entire web servers are 100% clean of any malicious code. Check this out

    Monitored by
    Advisory by
    Tested by
    Validated by
    Scanned by COMODO
    Approved SAFE by

    We have counted 84 specialized download sites proposing SUPER © for download as a safe 100% clean package.

    When you encounter a false detection, it is mostly heuristic, meaning that the anti-vir wasn't able to parse and recognize the written code, so the file was flagged "Unsafe, heuristic or gen (generic)" by default.

    Due to the executable file packers that we are using (tELock), (PECompact) or (mpress) for almost all the executable files included in our SETUP packages in order to compress, protect and preserve the integrity of our code, some anti-malware/anti-vir may trigger a false detection because these executable file's compressors crypt the executable files and modify their structures before packing them.
    A great deal of security is therefore achieved, preventing against the reverse engineering of our codes, but the drawback of this protection is that very few Anti-vir would consider the crypted/compressed executable files as "Unsafe".

    Any (with no exception) executable .exe, .dll file packed/crypted/protected with tElock, PECompact or mpress may trigger a false detection with those "heuristic based" Anti-vir programs. You may try them and pack any executable file of your choice then give a test on and find by yourself.

    Advanced anti-malware/anti-vir like McAfee, ESET NOD32, Kaspersky, Norton, AVIRA, Sophos or others... are already familiar and aware of our usage for tElock, PECompact or mpress, therefore, we use their false positive submission platforms to submit our files.
    99% of the cases our submitted crypted/packed executable files return clean from any false detection.

    However, On July 06, 2017 a newly US "revolutionizing cybersecurity" AntiVirus named [Cylance] has joined the VirusTotal scanning engine. It claims to be the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science, but it seems to be very annoying for software developers ending up with their CLEAN compiled files always flagged by this [Cylance].
    [Cylance] pretends to be the only one amongts all the other 66 Virustotal's AntiVirus engines to make the correct detection by flagging almost any executable file. We have never received a reply from Cylance to any of our various email's submissions.

    Millions of software developers out there are writing their "GOOD" codes to build or create new attractive and useful applications to be used world wide. Only a specific very little minority are writing "BAD" malicious code.
    An extremely interesting VirusTotal scan, where you may want to read the details in the given comment.
    Ryan Permeh Founder & Chief Scientist of [Cylance] proudly confirms that they flag as "BAD", any executable file by default unless proven "GOOD". He is also using the terms "weird" and "odd" as a scientific measurement for the Malware detection.. This is really odd.

    Better to stick with those older, confirmed, well known Anti-Vir: McAfee, ESET NOD32, Kaspersky, Norton, AVIRA, AVG, Sophos.. to name a few, and simply ignore those "recently joining" attacker detection, security cyber weapon, forensics anti hackers or whatever fancy designation they call themselves.

    Send a copy of any false positive flagged file to your anti-vir author to update and correct its database.

    If any file of the installation package has been deleted or blocked by your anti-malware/anti-vir, SUPER © will become totally inactive, and won't start anymore!

  • Q.034 What are these files cygwin1.dll, cygz.dll, smab.dll and smab0.dll saved in the system32 dir?

    A. Since the (Jan 4, 2007) of SUPER © we have moved the cygwin1.dll and cygz.dll files to the installation folder.
    SUPER © will not install anymore these 2 files in the system32 folder, they are only installed in the user specified installation folder.
    These two dynamic link libraries (DLL) are needed to run FFmpeg which has been ported from Linux to Windows®, FFmpeg won't start without these 2 files.

  • Q.035 How can I select the destination to save my output renderd files?

    A. Hover the mouse over the center "Output" rectangle to display the following message:
    Right click and check the "Output File Saving Management" in order to find or to change the location of your rendered output file.
    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    Right-Click inside the GUI to access and open the general Menu
    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    Click on the selection "Output File Saving Management", browse folders for changing the destination, then press "SAVE Changes".
    You may also select other output saving related options..
    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    PSP rendered files are ALWAYS saved in the folder \Mp_root located inside the SUPER installation folder.
    In fact, once the PSP files are rendered, the explorer prompt page opens directly the \Mp_root folder to list your encoded files.

  • Q.036 Why am I getting a prompt the first time I click on Encode or Play ?

    A. Since (Oct 31, 2010), SUPER © prompts with the following message only once when you click or Encode or Play.

    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

    The purpose is to inform you to "Use The Old Validation Procedure" if you have encountered a problem causings SUPER © to shut down when you click on Encode or Play.

    The "Use The Old Validation Procedure" key can be found on the MENU
    The Old Validation Procedure would avoid SUPER © from shutting down on very few PCs while if you uncheck it, the newly introduced procedure will be used instead, it is much faster.
    Media File Converter, Media File Encoder, Media Converter, Media Encoder, Video Player, Audio Player, Media Player, Converter, Encoder

  • Q.037 Some encoded files are only playable on SUPER © I cannot play them on my favorite player! is it normal ?

    A. Any file successfully encoded with SUPER © is a 100% valid Multimedia file.
    The fact that you are able to play it with SUPER © means that the file is free from any damage.

    Some players, (most players in fact, including WMP) depend on DirectShow to play Multimedia files therefore, they require special codecs to be installed and registered on your PC.
    SUPER © is an exception, MPlayer is strictly monolithic, which means that this 1 single unique file contains absolutely all necessary codecs to play any file.
    For instance, VLC 0.9.9 would install 523 files on your PC to be able to play most files.

    Anyways, SUPER © would encode your file, if you can't play it elsewhere, it is too bad!

  • Q.038 How can I use SUPER © to record Sound from my Microphone or from my Speakers ?

    A. After selecting the RECORDER <Video+Audio> mode, make sure to select the adequate Audio Device detected on your PC.

    Click on the Audio Module Config button to open this specific Audio Device Property Window

    The Opened Audio Device Property Window let you choose between CD Player, Line In, Microphone or Speakers...

    To record what you hear from your speakers, select the Wave Out Mix or whatever Wave Output name is given by your specific Audio Device. Make sure to check the Enable box.

    Now you may click on the Start Recording Now ! button..

  • Q.039 How can I create with SUPER © a video content to be streamed on HTML5 supported browsers?

    A. The following HTML script works with WebM files created with SUPER ©
    Simply replace the "your title" and the "video.webm" with your own figures and adjust width...
    Place the WebM video file together with this HTML script under the same folder.

    You may also use SUPER © to encode into OGG[theora, vorbis] which is another HTML5 supported format.
    Simply replace the "your title" and the "video.webm" with your own figures and adjust width...
    Place the OGG video file together with this HTML script under the same folder.

    Note that supported browsers to read the above HTML script are:
  • Firefox 4
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 11
  • MSIE ONLY with the Google Chrome Frame installed (

    Here's a simple script when SUPER © is used to encode into SWF format.
    -Replace the "your title" with your own values
    -Replace the shown source src="" by your source site/file
    -Adjust width and height accordingly
    -and finally replace by "true" or "false" where values are needed
    Place the SWF video file together with this HTML script under the same folder.

  • Q.040 How to select a specific Audio Track from an input file having Multi Audio Tracks ?

    A. Here's the answer in video with an encoding example, of course, the same would apply for playing the input file as well...

  • Q.041 Why SUPER © is not using all my CPU cores and threads during encoding ?

    A. When encoding into a specific Output Container, Video and Audio Codecs have to be obviously selected.
    These codecs support differently the number of selected threads. Some codecs support only 1 thread otherwise they throw an error, other codecs support 4 or 6 threads and so on. Not all codecs will support 8 cores or 8 threads.
    SUPER © multi core support is therefore variable based on your selected Video or Audio Codecs.

  • Q.042 How can I control the MPlayer (the player part of SUPER ©) with my Keyboard ?

    A. MPlayer has a fully configurable, command-driven control set which allows you to control it using the keyboard

    Key to use
    Resultant function
    <- and ->
    Seek backward/forward 10 seconds
    up and down
    Seek backward/forward 1 minute
    pgup and pgdown
    Seek backward/forward 10 minutes
    [ and ]
    Decreases/increases current playback speed by 10%
    { and }
    Halves/doubles current playback speed
    Reset playback speed to normal
    < and >
    backward/forward in playlist
    HOME and END
    next/previous playtree entry in the parent list
    INS and DEL
    next/previous alternative source (ASX playlist only)
    p or SPACE
    Pause movie (pressing again unpauses)
    Step forward. Pressing once will pause movie, every consecutive press will play one frame and then go into pause mode again (any other key unpauses)
    q or ESC
    Stop playing and quit
    + and -
    Adjust audio delay by +/- 0.1 seconds
    / and *
    Decrease/increase volume
    9 and 0
    Decrease/increase volume
    Mute sound
    Cycle through the available audio tracks
    f or ESC
    Toggle fullscreen
    Toggle stay-on-top
    Decrease/increase pan- and -scan range
    Toggle OSD states: none / seek / seek + timer / seek + timer + total time
    Toggle frame dropping states: none / skip display / skip decoding
    Toggle subtitle visibility
    b / j
    Cycle through the available subtitles
    Toggle displaying "forced subtitles"
    Toggle subtitle aligment: top/middle/bottom
    z and x
    Adjust subtitle delay by +/- 0.1 seconds
    r and t
    Move subtitles up/down
    Set EDL mark

  • Q.043 I want to get a refund on my purchased Special Edition Zero-Bundle, Zero-Toolbars, Zero-Addons version of SUPER © - How can I proceed ?

    A. Our 3D Video Converter Player Recorder is available also as a totally Free version and hosted on various download mirror sites.
    When you make your choice to select the Payable Special Edition Zero-Bundle, Zero-Toolbars, Zero-Addons version of SUPER © instead of the Free version, you are mostly helping us to pursue our development and to monetize our time, team and efforts.
    The payable version is offered at a very affordable price, assimilated to a generous donation from your side for which we are very grateful and appreciative.

    No refund is possible (see the "eRightSoft   Sales TOS | Refund Policy"
    link placed beneath the PayPal logo on the checkout page). However, our support team will me more than happy to assist you in solving any technical problem related to the application itself and NOT TO YOUR PC.
    To provide any technical detail of any encoding/playing/recording issue, please refer to section Q021 of this FAQ.

  • Q.044 I am getting a [ Runtime Error (at - 1:0) ] error message when installing SUPER © - How can I fix this ?

    A. This kind of error when installing SUPER © could sometimes occur when trying to modify or select a different install folder other than the default one during the install process.

    It is a very trivial error that can be usually eliminated with a simple reboot.

    Kindly follow these steps exactly as indicated.

    - Please un-install any existing version of SUPER © from your machine.
    - Reboot your machine, turning it completely off then on.
    - Install now the latest version of SUPER © without modifying or selecting another install destination folder other than the proposed default.
    - Don't start SUPER © before rebooting again your machine by turning it completely off then on.


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